Uploading photos


On the left-hand side menu select Photo Albums -> Upload Photos 

  1. Choose file Browse for the file you want to upload
  2. Select the album you want to upload to. The albums are named per bird species.
  3. Tick After Upload.. then click Upload

upload page

After loading your photos, you will sent to the album you have selected, scroll down to see the photo/s that you have upload.
Note: If you forgot to tick After Upload… you will not be sent automatically to the album you selected and will have to go to Photo Albums -> Album Admin -> Album(Name of Bird) -> edit.

editing the upload photo

  1. Edit Photo name here, description is optional.
  2. IMPORTANT: select your initials in TAG section. Without this tag, your photo will not be sent to the album portfolio.
  3. The album is set to auto save, the green Remark text at the bottom will say Updated once the auto save is done.

Please do not modify any other setting other than what is instructed here. The galleries per species at the DATABASE rely on these albums, all uploads here will also reflect on the database page and gallery page.


Editing the Database


On the left-hand side menu select Participants Database ->  List Participants

Click the Pencil icon to start editing

  • Photo will be the main avatar of the species selected. it is suggested to have a ratio of 1:1 for photos upload here to keep the columns and rows of the database even.
  • Group you can set species grouping here example: Water Birds, Birds of Prey, Song Birds, Doves and Pigeons..
  • Do not edit Gallery
  • Record Info cannot be edited

Submit or Apply when done.